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Core values & production

More than craft

Growing trees is craftsmanship. With over 125 years of experience, Nursery Udenhout has gained lots of knowledge and skills. By continuously searching for improvements and building an enthusiastic team we have refined the art of producing high-quality nursery products. Our people take their craftsmanship to a whole new level.

More than knowledge

The know-how of our specialists builds the foundation of our organisation. They can advise and guide you in the decision making process for example in selecting the perfect tree species. During a tour in our nursery, we gladly show you the various species, varieties and novelties. Today, het 10th edition of the Book of Trees is indispensable for those who professionally work in the green business.

More than reliable

Experience teaches us that projects are almost always custom-made. Our specialists share their ideas with you and give solid and honest advice. In consultation with you delivery takes place at the desired time and place. At Nursery Udenhout you are in capable hands. You can be sure of a well-finished project.

More than innovation

Nursery Udenhout is always on the lookout for innovations. We have successfully subcultivated different foreign varieties (for example Amelanchier arborea ‘Robin Hill’ and Tilia mongolica ‘Buda’) in our nursery and tested them on suitability for our climate. Nursery Udenhout is proud to be licensee of the ‘winter hardy’ Turkey oak Quercus cerris ‘Marvellous’.

More than sustainable

Nursery Udenhout pays great attention to sustainable cultivation for many years now. Our nursery grounds are located near the protected national park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen and it is amongst others the reason why we have deep respect for all the nature surrounding us. In the nursery we don not use any chemical fertilisers. To obtain top quality soils and natural enemies, we use green fertilisers. To strengthen our trees, we use compost tea. The Dutch Milieukeur organisation inspects and issues certificates to nurseries, ours included, and guarantees a sustainable plant production.


Leading in the nursery business!
Over 125 years ago

small amounts of fruit trees and pine-trees were sold by the van Iersel family in Udenhout.

Nursery van Iersel

founded by Harrie van Iersel.

Second generation

Kees van Iersel takes over the company at age 27.

Automation and mechanisation

During the early 90’s automation and mechanisation developed quickly. Nursery Udenhout is now capable to lower costs and deliver a quality product without any delay or damages.

Nursery Udenhout

meanwhile has cultivated 200 ha, spread over different lots. With a range that covers well over 600 trees and solitary shrubs from its own nursery and the ability to also deliver forestry, shrubs, perennials, roses, flower bulbs etc., Udenhout is able to deliver the customer the complete package for his project.

Our seasons


Tree transport is a speciality; extended knowledge of haulage, volumes and distances is required to avoid trees not being loaded and/or transported incorrectly

Optimized storage conditions

To keep trees and plants in good condition and avoid quality loss in the time between lifting and delivery, all trees and plants are being processed in climate controlled hangars. Trees and plants arrive in the best condition on sight.


Nursery Udenhout has two climate-controlled hangars. One hangar with a crane gantry for loading and spraying systems in which trees of all sizes are being processed and one hangar with an automatic sprinkler system especially used for storing shrubs, perennials and hedgerow and forestry plants.


The loading order depends on the delivery place and specific characteristics of the tree. A Quercus palustris for example, needs more space than a Quercus robur ‘Fastigiata’ and breakable material like Acacia, will be supported and loaded differently than for example Elm trees.


Nursery Udenhout values its logistic service. That is why we use reliable (inter)national transport companies with reliable drivers who know their business. This way we can transport quickly and efficiently to the customer.

Track and trace

Using a Track & Trace system, our planning division always knows where a load is located. They follow all loads every minute of the day on their computers and know time of arrival / departure and the exact position of a driver.


The representative drivers have experience with transporting planting material / trees. Most trucks have their own unloading crane at the back and can therefore unload all planting material and trees independently and efficiently at the assigned location.


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