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Landscaping & design

Designing is playing with spaces by using shapes, textures, and colours. Creating liveable and pleasant spaces in our landscape for accommodation, work and recreation. Especially at urban level, there are many challenges that designers face, when taking into account aspects like sustainability, ecology and water storage.

The desired image

When designing exterior spaces, tree species are chosen to create the desired image and right atmosphere. But very often the carefully chosen trees are disapproved off by managers and/or tree specialists for their disease susceptibility. It is more efficient when a designer works with urban design values in which the desired image is being described. The tree specialist then can provide the correct and varied implementation and realise the desired image.

Describe the desired image and let the tree specialist decide which trees fit in that particular image
Henry Kuppen, Terra Nostra (


Urban design values consist of different tree characteristics like size and shape, but also crown density, foliage shape and colour. Taking these characteristics into account, as well as the location and habitat of the trees, the most suitable species can be selected to create a sustainable image. Nursery Udenhout can provide solid advice during this process. In the nursery there are many species and varieties of the same genus that thrive well in the same habitat. A right combination creates uniformity and balance in the desired image.

Different elm varieties (Ulmus) - Haveneiland, IJburg (NL)
Different elm varieties (Ulmus) - Haveneiland, IJburg (NL)

Healthy cities with trees

Urban plantation is vital to maintain a pleasant and liveable environment in the city. Trees provide shadow and cooling and purify the air from particulates. It is important to plant the right tree with a good shape at the right location. In order to purify the air, it is necessary to mix clean air. Along busy roads with dense forestation exhaust gasses are unable to escape into the upper atmosphere. At this location one can better select trees with a narrow upright or open crown, or enhance the planting distance. Thus keeping the city healthy.

Deteriorating air quality by a tunnel effect: trees block the air circulation.
By choosing the right tree species and planting distance the tunnel effect can be avoid.

Countless possibilities

Trees and other plantation not only provide cooling in the city and an ecological contribution, they also serve an ornamental purpose. Everybody enjoys the autumn colouration and flowering of trees, but there are many other elements that determine their ornamental value. What about fruits and berries, foliage texture (multi-coloured or palmate leaves) and stem texture and colour. Trees have their own personality and charisma: natural, majestic, multistemmed, sustainable or modern. They give character to a city or neighbourhood.

The planting in a neighbourhood is like drapes in a house
Corné Leenders, sales & advice, Boomkwekerij Udenhout

Leaf shape & colour - Acer platanoides 'Fairview'
Early flowering - Magnolia loebneri 'Leonard Messel'
Remarkable bark - Gymnocladus dioica
Evergreen & berries - Ilex aquipernyi 'Dragon Lady'
Flowering & dense crown - Aesculus indica
Natural shape & open crown - Robinia pseudoacacia

Project highlight

The blossoming of the hawthorn colours ‘Het Witte Lint’

A beautiful project, in which the ornamental value of trees is perfectly implemented, is Het Witte Lint in Zutphen, the Netherlands. The landscaping art work along the provincial road N348 near Zutphen consists of 1177 diagonally planted Crataegus persimilis ‘Splendens’. The leaning character refers to the old woven hedges in the surrounding area. Supported by the white natural stone poles, the flowering hawthorns colour Het Witte Lint only 3 weeks per year entirely white. Nursery Udenhout has cultivated, shaped and delivered the Crataegus.

The blossoming of the hawthorn colours ‘Het Witte Lint’

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