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Management & Realisation

When developing green projects, the quality of the plantation needs to be perfect in order to achieve success. A high-quality development starts with a good soil preparation to higher the trees chance of survival. To create optimal vitality plantation is being delivered Just-In-Time. Guaranteed service and good management and maintenance determine the quality and sustainability of a project in the long run.

The right tree at the right planting site

Whether a tree takes root, i.e. it starts developing new hair roots, correlates to a good planting hole. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when creating a new planting site, such as pH-value, pavement, root pressure, salt tolerance, groundwater, anchoring and the available space above and below ground level. The future aspect also needs to be considered; how long may or can a tree stay at the site? We can advise you accordingly.

Project highlight

Exceptional green design

The reconstruction of Pannekoekendijk in Zwolle, the Netherlands is a great example of a sustainable long-term planting site. One of the most important access roads needed to provide more space for traffic and the plantation needed to make way for this. However, in the end there was enough space for Quercus palustris which were planted along the infrastructure. Tree soil was processed in the roadside and tree granulate beneath the cycling paths in order to create more space to plant the Quercus. The planting site provides the trees sufficient space below ground level to reach an age of 70-80 years easily.

Participation and co-operation with the different parties involved creates the perfect end result.
Corné Leenders, salesmanager Nursery Udenhout

What also makes the project special is the fact that the pin oaks were planted in the summer. Nursery Udenhout lifted the oaks in February and covered the rootballs using special cocomats. By working together with professional and skilled partners, the realisation of this project was a success with a beautiful end result to show for it.

Total package

Green projects often consist of a mix of trees, perennials and shrubs. Nursery Udenhout has the capacity to deliver a total package of plantation: shrubs, forestry, perennials, roses and flower bulbs. Thanks to our efficient logistic processes we are able to deliver the products at the requested time, national or international.

Professional: guidance on choosing your excellent tree

Service: preferred delivery date and place

Reliable: one contact person, one logistic process

Project highlight

From parking lot to beautiful city garden

The NS-plein in Tilburg, the Netherlands was lacking an intended use for a long time and the restructuring of the train station area hindered cyclists and residents. Meanwhile, in consultation with the residents, the square in the area has developed into a sustainable and functional location. In the south corner of the square a beautiful city garden has been realised. Along the outer side of the square a green border with trees, shrubs and perennials which Nursery Udenhout delivered, has been completed. The NS-Plein now is an enjoyable place in Tilburg to live in.


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